• Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions


What do Financial Planners do?

A good adviser will ask you questions so you can outline what matters most to you. This will help you clarify the goals you want to achieve with your money. These questions will also acknowledge that not all goals are financial. An adviser will explore the options with you as your partner rather than develop a plan in isolation for you and present it as a ‘fait accompli’. Finally, your financial planner will work with you to implement your decisions and review them over time, as your own circumstances change.

What are your fees?

At LFS, we always seek to provide value for money, and our fee structure is designed accordingly. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Should you ask us to prepare a written plan, a fixed fee is payable. If you proceed with our recommendations there may be a once-off implementation fee. All along the way you remain in control of the process. Ongoing, our service levels are agreed and disclosed in advance. Full details of fees can be found in our Financial Services Guide section at the base of each page of this site.

No matter what services we provide, you can rest assured that before incurring any fees, you will be notified, your approval requested and a clear explanation of what these costs relate to will be provided.

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Lifestyle Financial Planning is about helping you to achieve your goals, reliably, over time. LFS achieves this through well researched expert advice and effective implementation. In other words, Lifestyle Financial Planning means working with you to achieve what is important to you, not us! Through this approach, we seek to empower you to understand the trade-offs and implications of various financial decisions – and then help you enact the decisions that you make.

I don’t have a lump sum to invest. Can you still help?

Absolutely! Ever wonder where all the money goes, and why you don’t have much left over at the end of the day? Our services are designed for people who are looking for assistance in harnessing their financial resources, and value ongoing advice and guidance. We will help you make best use of your money so that you can take control of your financial future.

Do you work with companies as well as individuals?

Yes, LFS deals with many companies who are keen to provide our financial advice services and expertise to their key employees. These companies see the productivity gains and reduction in turnover that comes from having a strong Group Fund, good risk protection insurance and their people in control of their personal finances.

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